Join us at Kombinatas 2024, a vibrant summer festival nestled in the picturesque rural setting near Anykščiai, Lithuania, from August 15th to 18th.

This year, our theme is "Home", delving into the multifaceted concept of home as a fundamental human right and exploring its implications on social, political, and environmental landscapes.

We are accepting proposal for programme until June 15th.

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Our crowdfunding campaign is ready!

This year we are asking our community to gather funds for structural improvements. The roof over the bar is falling apart, leaking water on electrical gadgets. We want to build an extra roof over the platform where the lectures and workshops take part. Lastly, if we have enough money, we would love to make floor in the bar area.

For all of these tasks we are looking for 4000 euros.

If you can contribute with your own hands - contact us on FB or IG and ask about collective work weekends at the space.

Kombinatas is a yearly summer festival in Lithuania exploring social and political ideas based on solidarity, cooperation and inclusiveness. We focus on participants from Eastern Europe, but we are open to contributions from all around the world!

During the day, the programme consists of discussion panels, lectures and workshops. At night, the musical programme with live performances and DJs takes hold. The festival is attended by around 200 people.

Kombinatas takes place in a campsite called "Saugus atstumas" - a collectively built space in the heart of Lithuania, which is an hour away by car from major cities, reachable by bus or bicycle as well.

The festival is organised by a group of people who participate in labour, student and feminist movements in Lithuania but also involves organisers from neighboring countries. The festival's team chooses a key theme each year: we invite key speakers and curate main discussion panels. In addition, part of the programme is open for contributions: contact us if you would like to contribute to the programme!

The festival is organised on a voluntary basis, it is free of charge. However, donations are encouraged.

About Kombinatas

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