Climate Crisis & Health

FRIDAY, 15:00 - 17:00

Climate change is gathering momentum and scientists are warning that we have very little time left to implement radical changes necessary to avoid the worst climate scenarios. Extreme weather events are becoming the new normal. Climate change means higher temperatures, melting glaciers, draughts, and biodiversity loss – it also affects our physical and mental health. Climate change has adverse health effects and significantly raises the risks of various diseases. Experts also warn that climate change threatens our mental health and even leads to an overall increase in violence in societies.

Therefore, the Friday panel discussion is dedicated to the following issues: How do environmental factors influence our health? What are the main challenges of climate change for physical and mental well-being? What is eco-anxiety? Are we ready to respond adequately to these challenges? How should we take care of the physical and mental well-being of each other while engaging in climate activism? How to integrate health questions with other demands of climate justice?

The discussion will be moderated by Egidijus Mardosas. The participants will be announced soon!