Inequality and Disability

SATURDAY, 12:00 – 14:00

Disability is an unrecognized form of inequality. People identified as having a disability are sorted by the system as economically unnecessary and socially unacceptable. In Lithuanian society, disability is experienced as a trap of social isolation and inequality. It is crucial to recognise how the concept of disability serves to establish a norm of a "healthy", understood as fully capable, individual.

In Saturday morning's discussion session, we will seek to answer the following questions: What is disability? Is disability a social and politico-economic construct? How does inequality manifest itself due to disability? What do individuals with disabilities experience? What theoretical and practical solutions need to be implemented to eliminate or alleviate this inequality?

Participants in the discussion: Chairman of Workers with disabilities union Deividas Podleckis, Vytautas Magnus University Professor of social sciences Jonas Ruškus, Indrė Giedrė Gegeckaitė, Member of the Council of Psychological Health Perspectives. The moderator of the discussion is philosopher Žygimantas Menčenkovas. The discussion will be held in Lithuanian with simultaneous translation into English available.