Location: a homestead in Anykščių district. Enter "Saugus atstumas" in Google Maps for exact coordinates.

Transport: by car (we strongly advise to cooperate) or by bus to Kavarskas from where people will be picked up.

Accommodation: in tents. If you are looking for room options, try searching AirB&B in surounding areas. However, you will need a car to travel from the sleeping place to the festival.

Hygiene: bio toilets and showers outside.

Food: warm food will be sold at the festival for an affordable price but you can also bring your own food and drinks. Don't forget to take some cash with you.

In case you have any special needs or questions, contact the organizers and we'll try to find the solution together.

Community guidelines: no racism, no sexism, no ableism, no classism, no transphobia, no xenophobia; no toxic masculinity; active consent only: https://sapfofest.lt/pages/guidelines_en.html

See you very soon!